Anna Vertaalt believes that a translation should never look or read like one. The new text should be as fluent and readable as the original, and the style and tone must match. To achieve that, you have to be proficient in the language, but even more importantly, you have to have spirit - dare to be creative, and thoroughly understand the reader.

Anna will take on your text with this spirit - whatever text it may be. If you like, she can keep you updated during translating and discuss some of the textual possibilities or ambiguities with you. This gives you the opportunity to have input during the translating process, to ensure the tone and ambiance of the new text will be exactly right.

Anna's expertise and experience include translations in the fields of education, publishing, science, culture and music. Clients include:

  • The Royal Palace Amsterdam
  • Oxford University Press
  • The Dutch National Opera and Ballet
  • The Royal Society of Archivists in the Netherlands
  • Olio Communication & Education
  • Clavis Pianos

If you are interested, Anna is happy to provide you with a free sample translation of part of your text, to show you her style and method.

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